Frozen in Austin – Day 8 – February 19, 2021

UPDATE: 4PM Central – Power is definitely back on and has not gone out since restoration at about 9AM this morning. We stayed at the hotel for about 3 hours and took our first hot shower in several days and I worked morning team meetings to re-establish proof of life with co-workers. 😀 (They knewContinue reading “Frozen in Austin – Day 8 – February 19, 2021”

Frozen in Austin – Day 7 – February 18, 2021

Power summary for the day: no power all day. 36 hours with no power as of 330PM Central.Fresh water summary for the day: no fresh water flowing, drip only, boil precautions in place as of last night. We were able to capture a significant amount of drip water from the faucets and boil that. UpContinue reading “Frozen in Austin – Day 7 – February 18, 2021”

Frozen in Austin – Day 6 – February 17, 2021

Lost power sometime between 5AM and 6AM. Not sure when, but it was before we got up. A bit of a restless night trying to find the warmth; we turned our heater down to 64 to conserve power and gas. #doingourpart Got out of bed at 730AM; ground coffee in the hand grinder, the lastContinue reading “Frozen in Austin – Day 6 – February 17, 2021”

Roku 3810x Streaming Stick Wifi/Remote Connection Issues?

After a lot of bashing my head into a wall metaphorically, I have figured out why my Roku Remote (RC-AL2) wouldn’t connect to my Roku 3810x streaming stick. It is the USB cable. If you aren’t using the supplied Mini USB cable which came with the Streaming Stick, nothing will work. Why? Because there isContinue reading “Roku 3810x Streaming Stick Wifi/Remote Connection Issues?”

Apple Face ID on iPhone Less than Efficient During a Pandemic

Often while going to some of my favorite retail establishments, I am in the habit of not taking my wallet inside because I could use Apple Pay. However, during the current state of in-store shopping, face-masks are a must to keep everyone as safe as possible. This creates a slight problem when trying to useContinue reading “Apple Face ID on iPhone Less than Efficient During a Pandemic”

Keeping the R0 Low will be on the Individual

I started composing this post on May 28th. Here we are a month later on June 25th and the data is supporting the claim I made via the title of this post one month ago. Despite what our leaders would have you believe via their mixed messages around this pandemic, keeping our communities and businessContinue reading “Keeping the R0 Low will be on the Individual”

Streamline Salesforce Activity Logging via BCC Email to Salesforce

OUTLINE The Logic and Workflow Overview Setting Up “Email to Salesforce” in Salesforce Setting Up the Salesforce Contact in Outlook Executing the Workflow LOGIC Are you needing to constantly log Salesforce activities? Are you tired of Outlook plugins breaking or not being allowed by your IT department? There could be a better way; if thisContinue reading “Streamline Salesforce Activity Logging via BCC Email to Salesforce”