Apple Face ID on iPhone Less than Efficient During a Pandemic

Often while going to some of my favorite retail establishments, I am in the habit of not taking my wallet inside because I could use Apple Pay. However, during the current state of in-store shopping, face-masks are a must to keep everyone as safe as possible. This creates a slight problem when trying to useContinue reading “Apple Face ID on iPhone Less than Efficient During a Pandemic”

Streamline Salesforce Activity Logging via BCC Email to Salesforce

OUTLINE The Logic and Workflow Overview Setting Up “Email to Salesforce” in Salesforce Setting Up the Salesforce Contact in Outlook Executing the Workflow LOGIC Are you needing to constantly log Salesforce activities? Are you tired of Outlook plugins breaking or not being allowed by your IT department? There could be a better way; if thisContinue reading “Streamline Salesforce Activity Logging via BCC Email to Salesforce”

Time for Change

It is time for change; it has been time for a change for a long time. We are at a tipping point in the US and the mindsets that got us into this mess are antiquated and no longer support the longevity of this country. No longer should inequality be tolerated. No longer should peopleContinue reading “Time for Change”

Zwift Together: Join a Zwift Meetup and Workout at the Same Time (Zoom for Extra Credit.)

I am writing this article in support of my Triathlon team Big Pistachio and our awesome coach, Erin Truslow. If you are training for any sort of endurance sport, Erin can get you across the finish line. Welcome to the great indoors! So you have Zwift setup and you want to take your workout toContinue reading “Zwift Together: Join a Zwift Meetup and Workout at the Same Time (Zoom for Extra Credit.)”

Occupy All Streets

SARS-CoV-2 and isolation has created an interesting dynamic in my neighborhood: there are at least three-fold more people on the streets, riding bikes or taking walks. Makes sense when there aren’t many places to go in our cars. Our neighborhoods are becoming our hike and bike trails and I would argue it is long overContinue reading “Occupy All Streets”

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