Frozen in Austin – Day 8 – February 19, 2021

UPDATE: 4PM Central – Power is definitely back on and has not gone out since restoration at about 9AM this morning. We stayed at the hotel for about 3 hours and took our first hot shower in several days and I worked morning team meetings to re-establish proof of life with co-workers. 😀 (They knew what was up and are totally understanding.

Big thank you to everyone who checked on us through this situation so far. (So far because the water is still on a boil notice.) My parents, the wife’s parents, Uncle Jim, Sean, John, Brad, Jeff, my co-workers and everyone at Equinix, Terry, Will (I should have accepted that hotel room sooner), Bryce, Jason, Kim, Tim, Matt, Uncle Marty, Arcelia.

I will get some photos up soon for this adventure. Here is where our house was temperature wise when we got home.

48F actual temperature as of 1PM, Friday. The sun had been out for a minute and we hypothesize the house was at about 45F over-night.

Friday AM Update: We reached our breaking point this morning after the longest window of time without power: 50 hours ± 3 hours. I lost track. We found a room at a Pflugerville hotel who has water and power. If nothing else we just wanted to get out of the house for a bit and take a shower. The temps inside the house were about 48 degrees.

Wouldn’t you know it however, just like the first time we came to a hotel last week, the power comes back on right as we check-in. #NORAGRATS That shower was worth it.

We will likely get our bearings here and charge everything just because thats our world right now. Then head back home to make sure nothing is going nuts. Also the wife has to work tomorrow so we need to figure out how to get her downtown without issues well ahead of tonights freeze.

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