Frozen in Austin – Day 7 – February 18, 2021

Power summary for the day: no power all day. 36 hours with no power as of 330PM Central.
Fresh water summary for the day: no fresh water flowing, drip only, boil precautions in place as of last night. We were able to capture a significant amount of drip water from the faucets and boil that. Up to about 20 x 500ml’s of water.

Update at 330PM: Went and got take out from Himalaya Kosheli (our favorite Indian/Nepalese place) just up the road. Also stopped into Big Lots to get some dry goods and non-perishibles. Big scores: Pepsi Max Zero Sugar, V8 Tomato Juice (as a mixer with our remaining stash), giant oatmeal container, dried fruits for the oatmeal, peanut butter, and some chocolate wafers. 🙂
The owner of Himalaya Kosheli let me charge everything while I waited.

No power overnight; we are unsure if there is a problem somewhere with the infrastructure in our neighborhood or if we are still a part of the blackout. I am thinking the former because most of the state is coming back online.

The bigger issue will be water over the next couple of days. Today will likely be below freezing for most of the day and so pipes around the city will continue to burst. This means upstream pressure will either be cut off or severely regulated to prevent massive water shortages, which will cause downstream water shortages.

Currently have about 15 liters of fresh water on hand and plenty of grey water captured from the snowmelt yesterday. The faucets still drip so we could theoretically capture water over time from that and boil it.

We are fortunate to be able to boil because we still have natural gas flowing to the house…for now.

Food thoughts: trying to get through everything in the fridge as quickly as we can. We have cooked or consumed most of the fresh meat. Frozen and mostly non-perishable foods remain.
We have a large jar of protein powder and dehydrated peanut butter (PB2 with cocoa) that is very tastey.
As a last resort, we also have a ton of Gatorade Endurance gels and chews. Straight sugar but calories are calories?

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