Apple Face ID on iPhone Less than Efficient During a Pandemic

Often while going to some of my favorite retail establishments, I am in the habit of not taking my wallet inside because I could use Apple Pay. However, during the current state of in-store shopping, face-masks are a must to keep everyone as safe as possible. This creates a slight problem when trying to use an iPhone with Face ID when you have a face-mask on.

Additionally, despite Apple’s recent efforts via iOS update to make Face ID work even when you have a mask on, Face ID still is mostly broken. This is even more important when you are trying to use a shopping list, text your spouse to remember that thing you forgot, and most importantly check out using Apple Pay. All these things require Face ID to unlock and if you have it setup, you know that getting to the PIN Input screen can take a few moments. Add all these “moments” up and you can get a pretty frustrating experience.

Unfortunately, I broke the camera lens recently in my Face ID capable iPhone which sent me down this rabbit-hole and I stumbled upon a solution. I am using my backup phone: an iPhone 8+ which has only Touch ID!

Instantly I thought to myself how much easier my retail life will be during this pandemic not having to move my mask out of the way to unlock my phone everytime I need to look at that recipe or shopping list.

Call it a minor annoyance, yes. Call it a first world problem, yes. But for anyone with a Touch ID based device, now is the time to dust them off and use them as your main device for a while.

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