Time for Change

It is time for change; it has been time for a change for a long time.

We are at a tipping point in the US and the mindsets that got us into this mess are antiquated and no longer support the longevity of this country. No longer should inequality be tolerated. No longer should people fear for their existence in this country, whether due to immigration status or race or religion or political belief.

What really stands out to me in the current political climate is how oppressive the Trump following wants to be towards “more freedoms, for more people.” This tenant is something that should have been the backbone of conservatism in the modern age. It would have been inline with a “less government in my life” mentality.

But that is not where we are. We are instead in a society where those in control want to limit voices of opposition, put people in jail for making personal decisions that impact their own lives, and prevent those building this country from becoming citizens of the US.

I am over it.

Playing politics at this point means voting for candidates that will move an agenda of inclusion and sustainability forward for the long term. This means abandoning all previous “identities” that anyone wants to put on you. Vote your conscience not for a party. Your political party is dead.

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