Putting Ideas on Paper

I read somewhere the best way to start writing is to just write. So that’s what’s up. Just ideas on a virtual canvas. I have no idea where this will go and fully expect to look back in about 5 years and think this was a dumb idea.

But I do not have a journal anywhere else; maybe one day someone will want to read about what happened in my life. Or maybe I will come back to this one day and wonder what happened to my life? Where did the time go?

Also, if you are my wife reading this don’t come complain to me that this sounds overly braggy or silly. 🙂 That’s the idea. But then again, you’re allowed to call me out on bullsh; just go easy on me.

Where are we at today? Currently it is day 23 of social distancing due to SARS-CoV-2. At the moment New York is paying the highest price. Austin, Texas has not been as affected…yet. I feel our social distancing efforts are working and the city’s decision to cancel SXSW this year was retrospectively a genius decision. (Who deserves credit for that? Mayor Adler?)

I will try to document more about our experience so far as I go along. Additionally, look for retrospectives on big life events. The main driver for this was my intention to document my Ironman from last November. That should be a long post hopefully.

Mostly, this journal will be for me. If you don’t find any use for it then sorry not sorry. ❤

Be well.

One thought on “Putting Ideas on Paper

  1. Thank you for sharing and opening your mind and heart on paper. Stay safe funny and keep calling your family we are loving the added communication!


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